Northwest Natural Resource Group strives to make participation in our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) group certificate as straightforward as possible.

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you prefer to talk to someone in person, please contact us directly. You can reach our member services director, Lindsay Malone at:

By phone: 206-971-8966
By email:

Below you’ll find important updates and resources for members of NNRG’s landowner stewardship and certification program, Northwest Certified Forestry (NCF).
Updated July 2017


Overview of FSC Responsibilities and Resources

Here is a pdf with a “pro tips” summary of the basic responsibilities for maintaining FSC certification: Overview FSC Responsibilities & Resources for Members


FSC® Logo Use

If you are planning to use the FSC logo, the FSC acronym, or Forest Stewardship Council® on any marketing materials, brochures, websites, etc. – Please contact NNRG’s director of member services to request a review of your use of the FSC logo. NNRG must obtain approval from Soil Association for all use of the FSC logo. Typically, the review and approval process takes a few days.

Here is a pdf document about how to use the FSC logo: FSC Logo Use Help Sheet


FSC certified log sales

For those of you who are selling certified forest products please ensure that all load tickets, invoices, bills of lading, etc., contain the following:

    • Your FSC Chain of Custody code.
      • Contact NNRG’s director of member services if you are unsure of your COC number.
    • The FSC Claim: Write ‘FSC 100%’ on each load ticket.
    • Important: Please retain copies of all documentation from any logs sold as FSC certified. If your property is selected for an FSC audit, you will be asked to provide these materials to verify compliance with Chain of Custody requirements. If you have questions, let NNRG’s director of member services know.


Local FSC certified wood products businesses

If you are preparing for a timber sale or are looking to market specific materials, consider collaborating with local FSC certified manufacturers and other wood products businesses. Our partner organization, Sustainable Northwest, manages a group certificate for artisans, woodworkers, manufacturers, and other businesses that incorporate FSC certified wood into their products. Some of our NCF members have collaborated with these businesses to create and sell beautiful products.

Here is a list of local and regional businesses that are FSC certified through Sustainable Northwest.

NNRG receives inquires from wood products buyers about available FSC materials. We notify our FSC certified members about these inquiries immediately.


Reporting chemical use and harvest volumes

As part your renewal and annual check-in we collect information about pesticide use and the volume of wood harvested from your forest. NNRG has put together an Excel workbook that may be helpful to you if you are looking for a format to document chemical use and harvest information.

NNRG will happily accept your chemical use report and harvest report in whatever format you provide, so long as we get the information during your annual renewal check-in or in advance of the group certificate audit that typically happens in the fall (October-December).

Here is the Excel workbook about annual reporting: Annual FSC Reporting Workbook


List of prohibited pesticides/highly hazardous chemicals

As of May 2017, FSC has a new list of highly hazardous pesticides. Please consult the FSC Pesticides website and list of FSC Highly Hazardous Pesticides before you use chemicals on your property.

These common products are not prohibited and may be used on FSC certified forest land:

Here are a few well-known chemicals and brand names that are prohibited. FSC’s concern about these chemicals is that they do not breakdown quickly and therefore can infiltrate groundwater or are toxic to wildlife, fish, and insects:

  • Atrazine (active ingredient: atrazine) – MSDS
  • Pronone (active ingredient: hexazinone) – MSDS
  • Princep (active ingredient: simazine) – MSDS
  • Velpar (active ingredient: hexazinone) – MSDS
  • Warrior (active ingredient: lambda-cyhalothrin) – MSDS