NNRG is pleased to offer direct retail sales of carbon offsets from forest owners in the Pacific Northwest!

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Bringing local landowners together with local businesses to buy and sell credible local carbon offsets

  • The Northwest’s first forest- based carbon offset program developed for small landowners
  • Providing value to small forest landowners for maintaining healthy forests in the northwest
  • A cutting edge program supporting forest management based carbon offset sales
  • Connecting local businesses with local forest landowners that share a common goal of protecting the environment
  • Allows the participation of small forestlands, a group that would otherwise be unable to access the market
  • NW Neutral™ directly promotes tenure of small family-owned forests, supports rural jobs, and enhances ecological function while also allowing local business to offset their carbon footprint

NW Neutral™ was created by NNRG as a way to connect small forest landowners wishing to sell carbon offsets to willing buyers seeking to reduce their climate impacts.  While small privately owned forestlands in the Pacific Northwest are often at high risk of conversion from forestland, it has been very difficult for landowners to participate in offset markets and reap the rewards of good forestry.  As these forests are lost, our climate suffers not only from direct emissions, but from the long term loss of the carbon sequestration capacity of those forests into the future.  NW Neutral allows those small landowners to sell carbon offsets by providing a group structure to minimize transaction costs.  This allows these landowners to sell their high quality verified offsets to buyers like you.

All NW Neutral landowners must first meet the rigorous forest management standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) before they can enroll in the program.  FSC standards provide for environmental, social, and economic sustainability and ensure that forests will grow longer and sequester more carbon than would otherwise occur if managed to usual industrial standards.  By agreeing to manage their forests to these standards for 100 years, NW Neutral landowners are  managing their forests to sequester more carbon and maintain that carbon in the forest.  Monitoring required by FSC certification ensures that land continues to be managed to these standards for the length of the contract.

By purchasing NW Neutral offsets, buyers help to support the small forest landowners in the Northwest.  Purchasing offsets not only ensures that the forest land is maintained as forest, but also supports clean water, wildlife habitat, and successful rural communities.  The long term agreements that landowners enter into to sell their carbon are legally binding and the peer reviewed, science based monitoring program documents the measurable climate impacts of forest management changes.