Day: March 11, 2016

Spring: Forestry through the Seasons

Greet the return of the growing season! The nesting season begins around March 15, so try to avoid any major timber management until chicks have left their nests around June 15. The window for planting is closing: make sure you get your tree seedlings and native plants safely in the ground by early April. By tending your plants, nurturing your wildlife, and walking your woods, you can enhance biodiversity, bolster habitat, and prepare for active summer management. Tend your Plants Buy native plants – find a sale near you. Plant seedlings by early April – learn more. Prune before dormancy ends

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So, You Own a Forest?

Forests offer us inspiration and a connection to the land – one that renews us and often reminds us we have put in a day’s good work. Owning a forest can be a source of beauty, relaxation, recreation, and income for you and your family. There are many simple things that you can do to make your forest a better place to visit, attract more wildlife, and contribute to its upkeep.   Join us and start your stewardship journey with guidance from regional specialists and fellow woodland owners. Woodlands can be managed on a regenerative cycle that allows for healthy ecosystem functions, wildlife

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