Funding Opportunities for Forest Landowners


Don’t get thrown off by what you imagine it might cost to put some of these ideas into practice. Many public agencies offer funding to help forest owners pay for stewardship activities and realize their woodland goals. Whether you envision a habitat-rich stand bursting with forage shrubs and large snags; a business plan for timber harvest on your land; or an aesthetic retreat replete with meandering trails, these cost-share programs can help you get there.

  • EQIP cost share – The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is cost-share funding resource for woodland owners. The program provides payments to landowners to support new management plans and a host of conservation practices such as fuels reduction, pre-commercial thinning, and replanting.
  • RCPP Funding – The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) can provide forest land owners with an initial carbon assessment and a carbon inventory, which measures how much carbon your forest is storing. The program is completely voluntary and the information is prepared specifically for your land and can help you plan the future of your forest.
  • Technical & Financial Assistance for Small Forest Landowners

Washington Funding Programs

Oregon Funding Programs


Photo: Matt Freeman-Gleason

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