Instructions for Taking the Thinning Survey

Instructions for Taking the Thinning Survey

This survey is part of NNRG and OSU’s research study: Understanding how silvicultural decisions affect harvest outcomes. The goal of this research is to help landowners who are considering a variety of forest management techniques to learn from the experiences of others.

Click the buttons below to take the survey online or view all of the survey questions in a PDF version of the survey.

If you’d rather complete the survey using the PDF form, be sure to save the PDF file to your computer, then complete the questionnaire (saving as you go), then save the file, and email the completed survey to

The survey instructions are below and available to download here: Survey Instructions.


  • Your participation is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential.
  • No personally identifiable information will be associated with your responses in any reports of the data.


  • Who should take the survey?

    • This survey is best completed by the owner(s) most involved with the harvest management decisions.
    • Your harvest took place in the last 5 years (since 2014).
    • Your harvest was on forest land in western Oregon or western Washington.
  • How long will it take me?

    • We estimate it will take 1 to 2 hours to complete the survey – this includes time to gather harvest records in advance. We recognize that this survey takes time to complete. Participants who complete the survey are eligible to receive a $50 gift card to a forestry supply retailer. 
  • What records will I need to refer to?

    • You will likely need to refer to information in the following documents to complete the survey:
      • Notice of operation (harvests in Oregon)
      • Forest practices application and notice (FPA/N) (harvests in Washington)
      • Logger, forester, and other consultant contracts
      • Mill receipts
      • Timber excise tax records
      • Any harvest summary reports
      • Your forest management plan and related records
  • What do the questions cover?

    • This survey asks detailed questions about the harvest that took place on your forest and is organized into seven parts:
      • Forest ownership
      • General harvest information
      • Detailed information about harvest volumes and log sorts
      • On-the-ground decision making
      • Logging operations
      • Post-harvest activities
      • Wrap up and next steps
  • What counts as a harvest?

    • This survey is intended to gather information about a single harvest. The researchers are seeking to understand the factors influencing different harvest outcomes. Please provide information to the best of your ability, and feel free to choose “I’m not sure” if appropriate.
      • If you had multiple units in your harvest that you tracked all together and the units and treatments were fairly similar – we can use your information for the study.
      • If you had multiple units that were very different in nature (e.g. 35-year old Douglas-fir thinning as well as Doug-fir coming out of a white oak stand) and the Douglas-fir logs from all the units were shipped out together – we are NOT able to use your information for the study.
      • If you had multiple units that were very different in nature and you have separate records for the logs that were shipped from each unit – we WOULD be able to use your information for the study BUT you will need fill out a separate survey for each harvest unit
    • You are welcome to provide the researchers with information for more than one harvest. To do so, you may fill out a separate survey for each harvest.

If you have questions about how to respond to a question or would prefer to complete the survey in an interview, contact NNRG’s research lead Rowan Braybrook at

Thank You Gift for Participants

As a thank you to forest owners who take the time to complete the survey, the first 100 participants are eligible to receive a $50 gift card to one of the following retailers:

  • Coastal Farm and Ranch
  • Forestry Suppliers
  • Pacforest Supply Company
  • Wilco Farm Store

Surveys will be reviewed for completion and any necessary follow up prior to sending participants their preferred gift card. 

Contact the researchers

If you have any questions about this study, feel free to contact the researchers:

Klaus Puettmann is a Professor in Silviculture Alternatives with the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University. Rowan Braybrook is the Director of Programs at Northwest Natural Resource Group.

This project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), under grant award 2017-68006-26394, Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making for Small Forest Producers.


This research is being conducted by Northwest Natural Resource Group and Oregon State University.

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