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Jaal Mann, Lead Forester,

Karen Gray, Finance Director,

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2701 1st Ave, Suite 240
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Kirk Hanson, Director of Forestry,

Rick Helman, Forester,

PO Box 6373
Olympia, WA 98507
ph: 360-316-9317


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Summer Forest Stewardship Tips

Summer is the perfect time for major forest management activities like thinning trees, controlling weeds and invasives, and maintaining roads. Performing these stewardship activities in

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Raising 5,200 Children by Shovel and Machete

This January the Hansons embarked on a large reforestation project on their forest near Olympia, Washington. Comprising 18 acres and 5,200 seedlings, it’s been their most ambitious planting job to date — one that has had Hanson parents, kids, and grandkids weathering much of the current pandemic from deep in the forest.

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A Field Guide to Harvest Equipment

The forests of the Pacific Northwest are teeming with movement and noise—not all of it animal in origin! Stroll through an NNRG member forest undergoing an ecological harvest or thinning and you might catch a glimpse of one of these logging machines (don’t forget to wear appropriate safety-gear!).

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