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Certify your forest to the highest standards in the world.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is a market-based, voluntary system for ensuring that wood products come from well-managed forests. Similar to organic certification for farmers and food processors, FSC provides consumers a way to support sustainable practices with their purchasing decisions. In recent years, FSC markets in the Pacific Northwest have grown, with more Northwest retailers now carrying FSC products.

become fsc® CERTIFIED

NNRG offers cost-effective access to FSC® certification through a group certificate. As an FSC-certified member of NNRG’s Forestry Program, you will receive the public recognition and market access that comes with managing your forest to the highest standard in the world. Learn more about how to get certified:


NNRG administers a group certificate for landowners and managers in Washington and Oregon (FSC® License Code FSC-C008225). Our members include family woodland owners, small-scale timber businesses, public parks, municipal watersheds, non-profits, educational centers, and conservation organizations. 

Group certification offers a more efficient and lower cost method of certification for small landowners by reducing monitoring requirements for each individual landowner, instead relying on a sampling technique to ensure consistency with the FSC standard. 


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