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Seth Zuckerman

Executive Director

Seth has spent the last 25 years as a practitioner in West Coast forests and watersheds, and as a writer, telling the stories of people’s relationships with the rest of the natural world. His roots are in northern California, where he directed the Wild and Working Lands program for the Mattole Restoration Council, collaborating with private landowners in realms that included light-touch timber harvest, fire hazard reduction, and invasive species control. He came to the Northwest in 2013 in search of steadier precipitation. He holds an A.B. in Energy Studies from Stanford University and an M.S. in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley. Seth’s favorite thing to do in the forest is to forage for delectable mushrooms.


Rowan Braybrook

Director of Programs

Rowan grew up in the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington State. After college she served in the Peace Corps in northern Madagascar, working in the Makirovana forest complex and surrounding communities on sustainable agriculture and environmental education. She then relocated to Washington, DC to work with Conservation International on field program management and environmental policy, gaining considerable expertise in UN acronyms in the process. Rowan holds a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Middlebury College and an M.A. in Public Management with a concentration in environmental policy from Johns Hopkins University. Her favorite thing to do in the woods is to find the perfect spot for a mid-hike picnic.


Kirk Hanson

Director of Forestry

Kirk is a small woodland owner with ~100 acres of family-owned forestland in western Washington. He’s worked on behalf of small woodland owners for more than 20 years, bringing a passion for ecologically-based forestry and simplified hands-on management practices that allows forest owners to take a direct role in the stewardship of their own land. As a member of a three-generation family forest, Kirk understands the issues and opportunities facing small woodland owners and relishes developing new strategies for optimizing the economic and ecological potential of their forests. Kirk has a Bachelor’s degree in sustainable resource management from Evergreen State College and worked for six years with the Washington DNR's Small Forest Landowner Office before joining NNRG in 2006. Kirk’s favorite thing to do in his woods is fell timber and prune trees.


Jaal Mann

Lead Forester

Jaal's passion for forests began in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, and eventually turned into a Master of Environmental Studies degree from The Evergreen State College. He began his forestry career surveying streams for large landowners and then transitioned to managing O'Neill Pine Company's 2,200+ acres of FSC-certified timberland. At NNRG, Jaal enjoys the opportunity to use the landowner's perspective he gained in his work at O'Neill Pine Company to help other small landowners across the region. Jaal's favorite thing to do in the woods is backpacking in old growth forests and alpine meadows.


Karen Gray

Finance Director

Karen brings over thirty years of accounting and finance experience to NNRG. She has an MBA in finance from University of Puget Sound, and she loves helping NNRG achieve its mission of caring for forests and working with landowners to manage their lands in ways that contribute to rural economies. Karen's favorite thing to do in the woods is hike.


Rick Helman


Rick has been a forester with NNRG since 2011, a Project Forester with Professional Forestry Services Inc. since 1989 and a Contract Forester with Pierce County since 1992. He holds a Masters Degree in Forest Productivity from Duke University and a B.S. in Biology from Presbyterian College. Rick is a member of the Forest Stewards Guild, Society of American Foresters, and is the Southwest Washington Regional Coordinator for the American Tree Farm System. Rick is also a Certified Wetland Specialist and a Certified Forester (#71). Rick's favorite thing to do in the woods is help landowners realize their forest visions.

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Marcia Rosenquist


Marcia grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After receiving her B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management from the University of Washington, she spent some time behind a corporate desk before returning to the university to earn a Master of Forest Resources. After graduating, she worked as a consulting arborist and, as an ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, brings a unique perspective to ecological forestry within the urban-wildland interface. Her favorite thing to do in the woods is fall asleep next to a rushing river or a big pine tree.

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Alex Dolk

Outreach Associate

After earning her B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management from the University of Washington, Alex worked in communications and outreach, and subsequently spent several months doing bat research in rural Malawi. She is now in the midst of a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of Environmental Science at the University of Washington. Alex's favorite thing to do in the woods is look for wildlife at dawn and dusk.

NNRG Board of Directors

President — Christine Johnson, FSC certified landowner, Portola Valley, CA
Vice President — John Harrison, Architect, Seattle, WA
Secretary — Eden Brukman, Department of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Treasurer — Brad Hunter, Craft3, Portland, OR
Past President — Marco Lowenstein, North American Wood Products, Corales, NM
Ben Hayes, Springboard Forestry, FSC certified forest owner of Hyla Woods, Portland, OR
Sue Long, REI, Seattle, WA

NNRG Board of Advisors

Matt Freeman-Gleason, MFG Photography, Seattle, WA
Ian Hanna, Altruist Partners, Port Townsend, WA
Becky Kelley, Washington Environmental Council, Seattle, WA
Norman MacLeod, Gaelic Wolf Consulting, Port Townsend, WA
Maureen Mitchell, Summit Law Group, Seattle, WA
Michael Rylko, Environmental Protection Agency Region 10, Seattle, WA
Solveig Whittle, Social Media Instructor, Univeristy of Washington, and blogger/musician, Woodinville, WA
Michele Zukerberg, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Olympia, WA

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