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Making Forests Healthier and Fire-Safe in the San Juans

Workshops in the San Juan Islands

Increasingly, forest owners in San Juan County are seeking guidance on how to manage their overstocked stands for improved forest health. They are also looking for creative ways to use the excess woody material that is a byproduct of restoration efforts. For the past seven years, NNRG and our partners have worked in many island forests, conducting one-on-one site visits, developing management plans, and hosting tours and classes. We are working with landowners to address the unique challenges of managing island forests for both ecological health and economic viability.

NNRG and partners are building on work we’ve been doing in the San Juan Islands for the past eight years. Through a series of workshops, educational materials, and site visits, NNRG and partners are helping landowners understand the risks their forests face and how thinning and other activities can help them achieve multiple objectives for their forests.

From April 2019 to August 2020 NNRG hosted workshops on Waldron, Shaw, San Juan, Lopez, and Orcas Islands. The workshop topics included: funding programs to offset forest restoration costs, community-scale forest management, commercial timber sales and logging contracts, strategies for improving wildlife habitat, and converting forest slash to biochar.

San Juan Islands Directory

Our San Juan County Forestry Services, Businesses, & Wood Products Directory will help you find and collaborate with logging contractors, equipment operators, arborists, tree workers, woodworkers, builders, architects, and consultants. The directory is updated periodically (last update October 2018).

Past Projects

In 2018, NNRG hosted a series of workshops for forest landowners interested in reducing the risks of wildfire and disease to their woods while using the excess woody biomass in creative and productive ways. A detailed summary of NNRG and our partners work in 2018 for the San Juans is described in Wrapping Up a Year-long Project on Biomass & Biofuels.

Project Partners

Funding and support for our current project comes from:

We’d also like to thank the USDA’s Risk Management Agency for long-time support.