Management Plans

A management plan is one of the most important tools to improve the long-term health of your forest. When you develop a plan for your forest, you establish your goals for the property, identify and describe current resources, and develop a timeline and set of strategies for achieving your goals. A forest management plan can also enable you to achieve property tax benefits, pursue forest certification, and access cost-share programs to fund restoration or habitat improvements.

NNRG can write your next management plan

Every year NNRG staff  write dozens of ecologically-based forest management plans for small private woodland owners, conservation groups, youth camps, cities, counties, and tribes. Each plan provides a comprehensive evaluation of your forest’s natural resources and a 30-year timeline of detailed management recommendations to protect those resources and meet your goals and objectives. 

To learn more about NNRG’s services, and how a management plan can benefit your forest, please contact Kirk Hanson at 360-316-9317 or  kirk@nnrg.org.

If you want to learn more about forest management plans, cost-share programs, or what it would take to write your own plan, you can find more resources on our DIY planning page.

Our membership program can give you the support, resources, and expertise you need to make your vision a reality in your forest!

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