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From stump to Stumptown

The farm-to-table movement resonates with citizens of the Pacific Northwest. We shop at local farmers markets, participate in CSAs, buy eggs from our neighbors who raise chickens. We care so much about where our food comes from – and its well-being – that the show Portlandia pokes fun at us Oregonians and Washingtonians wanting to “meet the chicken” on our plate. But can we extend the farm-to-table concept to the next level of sustainable sourcing? Forest-to-building? Stump-to-siding? Tree-to-floor? At NNRG, we believe it’s important to have confidence and take comfort in knowing where our wood products come from. Meeting the stump and walking through the forest from which the

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Rosalyn Timber Harvest 5

Harvest Underway at Roslyn Urban Forest

This month, Northwest Natural Resource Group started the restoration harvest on the City of Roslyn’s Urban Forest. Roslyn’s forest has not been managed for decades and is extremely overtstocked for its age – mostly with Douglas fir that has grown in among the Ponderosa pine in the absence of naturally occurring forest fires. NNRG is helping the City implement its stewardship plan for RUF. The aim is to assist the forest in transitioning to more resilient conditions: a mosaic of open Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and grand fir forest, with varying degrees of tree densities and canopy closures, low volumes

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