Forest Adaptation Network

Climate change poses significant challenges for forests in the Northwest.

Forests in the Pacific Northwest are feeling the stresses of climate change. Climate models project increasing variation in temperature, precipitation, and snowpack. These changes may outpace forest species’ ability to adapt, causing increased vulnerability to insects, disease, and wildfire. We know we need to work together to address these systemic issues.

In response to this need for connection and collaboration, the Forest Adaptation Network (FAN) was established to share information on forest adaptation in the Pacific Northwest.

FAN members include land managers, forest ecologists, and restoration practitioners tasked with managing Pacific Northwest forests in both urban and rural communities. Members of the FAN share resources, discuss issues, and collaborate on projects to help our forests adapt to the expected impacts of climate change. 

The FAN was initially focused around the Puget Sound, but welcomes interested organizations from across the Pacific Northwest. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Michael Yadrick ( or Rowan Braybrook ( or visit the FAN Google Group


We’re excited to share examples of forest adaptation projects our members are collaborating on. Keep an eye on this space as the projects are updated!

You can find more adaptation case studies through the CAKE website.


The following partners are currently actively engaged with the group, and new partners are welcome. Click on the links below to learn more about the forest adaptation work of individual partners.

List of Resources

We recommend starting with the following resources:



Research (What We’re Reading)

Additional resources on climate adaptation and other topics are available in the NNRG Resource Library.
NNRG Resource Library

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