DIY Stewardship Resources


These resources detail hands-on stewardship activities that landowners can perform themselves, including monitoring, enhancing habitat, controlling invasive plants and pests, protecting soil, and thinning young stands. This list of resources supplements the handout “Do-It-Yourself Ways to Steward a Healthy, Beautiful Forest.”



Invasive Species



Next Steps


Photo: Matt Freeman-Gleason

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The Death Cycle of the Salmon

If you’re hoping to spot salmon in the forest this season, a creek or river is your best bet. But if you limit your searches to fin-spotting at the water’s edge, you’re missing out on the full experience. Don’t forget to look to the trees.

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Making a Good Co-Home

There’s a hint of expectation in the air around Lousignont Creek, located in the northern Oregon Coast Range.Sometime in the next two months, adult coho salmon will appear as if out of nowhere and struggle upstream in search of suitable gravel for spawning.

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