NNRG’s group certificate for forests meeting the Forest Stewardship Council® standards covers approximately 200,000 acres across Oregon and Washington. Another 350,000 acres are FSC-certified through the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (South Puget Sound planning unit)EFM, the Coquille Tribe, the Collins Lakeview Forest, and Trout Mountain Forestry


Forests in NNRG’s FSC® group certificate are depicted on the map below. Zoom in on the map to explore where ecologically-managed forests are in relation to each other. 

Some forests have been anonymized at the request of the landowners. For a selection of member profiles, click here.

A mobile-friendly version of this map is available here. 


Total Members: 79
Total FSC Certified Acres: 194,578

Information updated January 2024. 

The forest landowners and managers who are part of NNRG’s group certificate are listed below.

Forest NameArea (ac)Forest Location CountyForest Location StateMain productsSub-code/ref
Allegany Forest Products190CoosOR, OregonRound woodAFP
Aponte Family Forest19PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodAPO
Back40 Quinault Forest LLC40Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodB40
Beck Family Forest300LewisWA, WashingtonRound woodBEC
Benton Natural Areas and Parks Department1,022Benton WA, WashingtonRound woodBEN
Birdsong Tree Farm102ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodBIR
Black River Forestry116.4ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodAND
Brooks Family Forest38PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodBRO
Burn Family Forest9.8San JuanWA, WashingtonRound woodBRN
Butler Family Forest80ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodBFF
Camp Myrtlewood – Church of the Brethren124CoosOR, OregonRound woodCM
Camp River Ranch – Girl Scouts of Western Washington400KingWA, WashingtonRound woodRR
Camp Robbinswold – Girl Scouts of Western Washington500MasonWA, WashingtonRound woodROB
Camp Sealth – Camp Fire in Central Puget Sound380KingWA, WashingtonRound woodCS
Camp Seymour – YMCA87PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodCSY
Carbon Forest Foundation40SkagitWA, WashingtonRound woodCFF
Cedar Row Farm128.8ColumbiaOR, OregonRound woodCRF
Central Cascades Forest LLC37,000Kittitas & YakimaWA, WashingtonRound woodCFF
Chuljian Family Forest82JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodCHU
City of Astoria – Bear Creek Watershed3,694ClatsopOR, OregonRound woodCOA
Clark Public Works4,504ClarkWA, WashingtonRound woodCC
Clearwater Forest Reserve – The Nature Conservancy in Washington5,754JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodCFR
Clyde Tree Farm150KitsapWA, WashingtonRound woodCTF
Crystal Lake Tree Farm326SnohomishWA, WashingtonRound woodCL
Dale Family Forest40Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodDFF
Digger Mountain Forestry640LincolnOR, OregonRound woodDM
Droscher Family Forest34MasonWA, WashingtonRound woodDRO
Duniho-Tan Family Forest19KingWA, WashingtonRound woodDUN
Ellsworth Creek Preserve – The Nature Conservancy in Washington7,897PacificWA, WashingtonRound woodTNC
Elmer-Gardner Family Forest10JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodEGF
Evergreen Land Trust80WhatcomWA, WashingtonRound woodELT
Ferris Family Forest26PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodFF
Great Peninsula Conservancy444Kitsap, Mason, PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodGPC
Hanson Family Forest171.4King & ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodRDH
Heartland Forest265CurryOR, OregonRound woodHEA
High Grove26Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodHG
Himmelbjerget24PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodH
Hogenson Family Forest18KingWA, WashingtonRound woodHOG
Hoh River Recreation and Conservation Area – The Nature Conservancy in Washington10,072JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodHRC
Hyla Woods966WashingtonOR, OregonRound woodHW
Jay/Johani Family Forest11.8JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodJJF
Jefferson Land Trust199JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodJLT
Kess Family Forest50PacificWA, WashingtonRound woodKFF
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Island Center Forest441KingWA, WashingtonRound woodICF
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Taylor Mountain Forest1692.50KingWA, WashingtonRound woodKC1
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Black Diamond Open Space799KingWA, WashingtonRound woodKC2
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Henry’s Ridge Open Space248KingWA, WashingtonRound woodKC3
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area153KingWA, WashingtonRound woodKC4
King Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Cemetery Reach Natural Area46KingWA, WashingtonRound woodKC5
Klein Family Forest143ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodKL
Kopel Family Forest40PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodKOP
Log Rhythms LLC73ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodAFF
Maxon Family Forest20KingWA, WashingtonRound woodMAX
Nisqually Community Forest2,880ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodNCT
Nisqually Land Trust482.7ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodNLT
Norseman Timber Company140LewisWA, WashingtonRound woodNTC
Northwest Trek420PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodNT
Northwest Watershed Institute179.8JeffersonWA, WashingtonRound woodNWI
O’Neill Pine Company2,232Lewis & ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodOPC
Pair Family Forest10KingWA, WashingtonRound woodPA
Paz Forestry RLT35LaneOR, OregonRound woodPAZ
Rainbow Farm53DouglasOR, OregonRound woodRF
S & J’s HappyTree Tree Farm15ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodSNJ
San Juan Land Bank – Turtleback Mountain1,572San JuanWA, WashingtonRound woodSJC
Satsop Business Park1,200Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodSAT
Seattle Parks & Recreation2,342.6KingWA, WashingtonRound woodSPR
Seattle Public Utilities98,831KingWA, WashingtonRound woodSPU
Shady Grove Orchards57LewisWA, WashingtonRound woodSGO
Skokomish Indian Tribe2,083MasonWA, WashingtonRound woodSIT
Souers Family LLC21PierceWA, WashingtonRound woodSF
Still Waters Farm47MasonWA, WashingtonRound woodSWF
Sunitsch Canyon LLC/Tierra Learning Center200ChelanWA, WashingtonRound woodSC
Surface Road Associates47IslandWA, WashingtonRound woodSRA
Tree Shepherd Woods12ThurstonWA, WashingtonRound woodTSW
Two Cats Timber200Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodTCT
Weber Family Forest65LewisWA, WashingtonRound woodWEB
Wild Thyme Farm120Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodWTF
Wildcat Creek Tree Farm65Grays HarborWA, WashingtonRound woodWAT
Zena Forest1,333PolkOR, OregonRound woodZF

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