Day: March 27, 2018

FSC-Certified Northwest Forests

NNRG’s group certificate for forests meeting the Forest Stewardship Council® standards covers more than 190,000 acres in 86 different ownerships across Oregon and Washington. The forests certified by NNRG are depicted as dark blue circles in the map above. In addition, another 420,000 acres in the two states are certified under other auspices, including the South Puget planning unit of Washington Department of Natural Resources, EFM, the Coquille Tribe, the Collins Lakeview Forest, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Oregon-based forestry consultants Trout Mountain Forestry. For a list of lands that are FSC-certified through NNRG’s group certificate, click here. For a selection of NNRG member profiles, click here.

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Not Your Father’s Lumberjacks

Remember the Super-Axe-Hacker from The Lorax? The machine that could whack off four truffula trees with one smacker? Advances in logging technology have made this fantasy contraption a reality, with equipment like feller-bunchers, forwarders, skidders, and processors changing how we harvest. These machines can make ecological forestry better, efficiently and safely removing some trees while leaving others to continue providing wildlife habitat, clean water, carbon storage, and even beauty. Our Executive Director Seth Zuckerman shares his take on logging advances to a sold-out crowd at Ignite Seattle’s March event.

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