2021 in Pictures

Throughout the year, NNRG’s staff have had the privilege to visit some very cool places, talk to interesting small, people, and experience the beauty and bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Our work has taken us from the Willamette Valley oak savannas to the coastal forests of the San Juan Islands, and beyond. Take a look at some of the shots we collected from our work and projects along the way. 

NNRG Director of Forestry Kirk Hanson conferring with a land manager at Taylor Mountain Forest.

NNRG Executive Director Seth Zuckerman and Director of Programs Rowan Braybrook accept the King County Executive Award for being a Leader in Forest Stewardship.

NNRG Director of Forestry Kirk Hanson teaches a forest health workshop on Lopez Island, in the San Juans in Spring 2021.

Students & instructor Pavel McGlave at a chainsaw safety training on Orcas Island in July.

An aerial view of a harvest at the Skokomish Reservation.

Just some snow-tipped trees in the Nisqually Community Forest.

The NNRG staff visit a harvest site.

Huckleberries in season.

NNRG Lead Forester Jaal Mann and Executive Director Seth Zuckerman visit a harvest site.

A member of the United Evergreen crew collected boughs for holiday wreaths from thinned trees at Nisqually Community Forest.

A thinning crew conducts a pre-commercial thinning as part of climate adaptation project at Nisqually Community Forest.

NNRG Forest Technician Nora Halbert at a harvest site.

Aerial view of Camp Waskowitz, near North Bend, WA, before an NNRG-managed harvest.

NNRG Lead Forester Jaal Mann sets up a snow monitoring pole at Nisqually Community Forest.

A northern flicker captured on camera in Whatcom County.

Trailing blackberry in a forest on Bainbridge Island.

NNRG Lead Forester Jaal Mann spraying marking paint.

NNRG Executive Director caught this shot of a morning visitor to his yard.


Rhododendron at Skokomish Park.

The fin of a salmon hanging out in a river eddy in the Rhododendron Preserve.

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