Blakely Island Timber

Up in the San Juans Islands, our Forest Stewardship Council®-certified member Blakely Island Timber cares for more than 2,200 acres on namesake Blakely Island. Harvesting timber is a tool to achieve their goal of stewarding the forest with a healthy, productive long into the future. Douglas-fir grows much more slowly in the San Juans than on the mainland, creating stronger wood with tighter rings and greater contrast between light spring bands and dark summer ones.

FSC-certified Douglas Fir Relief Paneling

This beautiful wood is harvested according to FSC® standards. BIT does all of its own processing, milling, drying, and manufacturing on site using an energy-efficient band saw! The result is high quality flooring and paneling that tells a story of life and times in the San Juans. Products come in rusticreliefbrushed v-groove, and rough-cut select varieties.

One amazing thing about these products is that they have been developed to use all grades of timber, especially unhealthy, lower grade trees thinned from the forest. Just last year Blakely Island Timber hand-felled a quarter of the trees from densely overstocked areas, selecting trees “whose removal will benefit the overall health and timber quality of the remaining stand.”

In addition to harvesting and milling, they regularly monitor and maintain road drainage systems to improve culvert passage and protect water bodies from erosion. They battle tansy invaders without chemicals and deer browsing on naturally-regenerating seedlings. They conserve the pockets of old-growth peppering their land.

Including Green Home SolutionsSound Cedar, and directly from Blakely Island Timber. They welcome custom orders!

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