Workshop: Chainsaw Safety & Tree Felling for Beginners: SAWW Training Levels 1 & 2

New chainsaw safety & tree felling workshop on Orcas!

Safety and Woods Working (SAWW) courses provide training and practice in precision tree felling and small-diameter thinning.

Join us for a unique, hands-on training program for small woodland owners who are interested in learning how to safely cut down trees in the woods.

Harvest planning, tree selection, and safe and accurate tree felling are the most important aspects of conducting a small-scale harvest. These skills are also valuable for clearing trails, harvesting firewood, and taking down potential hazard trees. This Safety and Woods Worker (SAWW) training course is based on the concept of “open face felling” and will introduce some of the world’s leading methods for safe, efficient, and precise tree felling. The course will cover Levels 1 & 2 of the SAWW training program.

This 2-day class is instructed by forester and arborist Pavel McGlave, who is a certified SAWW (Safety and Woods Worker) trainer. Pavel was mentored by Ken Lallemont, who traveled the world and helped develop training programs that emphasize efficiency and techniques that improve productivity, help reduce chainsaw related accidents and increase overall safety awareness. This course will change the way you work in the woods regardless of experience level.

Training will be from 10am-5pm each day.

Participants should bring their own equipment: weather appropriate clothing, sturdy boots, hardhat and lunch. Some hard hats are available for those who don’t own one.

The workshop will be offered outside and socially-distanced. Participants will be required to follow state masking guidelines.

Register for the workshop here!


SAWW Training Levels 1 & 2

DATE: Saturday, June 19th – Sunday June 20th

TIME: 10am-5pm each day

LOCATION: Camp Orkila

COST: $350 – all fees go to cover instructor & Eventbrite processing costs


  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Chain Saw Safety Features
  • Reactive Forces and the Bore Cut
  • The Face Notch & The Hinge
  • The Cutter Tooth
  • Planning the fall
  • Introduction to Carburetor Adjusting
  • Hands-on Chain Saw Filing
  • Introduction to Wedges
  • Side Lean & Target Accuracy
  • Practice Felling

Register for the workshop here!

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