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Spring 2019 Native Plant Sales

The late autumn and winter wet season in the Pacific Northwest is an ideal time to plant young trees and native shrubs! Planting native trees and shrubs enhances forest biodiversity by providing habitat for wildlife and forage for pollinators. It’s also a great way connect to the land and increase your aesthetic and recreational appreciation for the forest.

Also, as you select plants for your forest – keep these guiding thoughts in mind:

  • Right tree, right site. Make sure the tree and plant species are well-matched to the soil type and environmental conditions. Vegetation that may have held its own on a marginal site during normal climatic conditions is less likely to survive in hotter and drier conditions. For instance, on dry, gravelly soils – drought-tolerant species are needed.
  • When it comes to planting, timing is important. Planting before the start of the spring growing season helps ensure survival. It give small plants time to recover from the shock of transplanting. During the winter months when there is less daylight, plants direct their energy into growing their roots so they can connect to nutrients and water in the soil. They’ll tap into these resources during the growing season as well as to survive the hot and dry times of late spring through early autumn.
    • At lower elevations, planting in late fall or early winter gives plants a head start.
    • In mid-elevation areas, late winter and early spring is the time to put new trees and shrubs in the ground. 

Find a native plant sale near you for a diverse array of seedlings and shrubs suited to your region. Make sure you pre-order as soon as possible to get the plants you want!


Sale LocationPreorder DeadlineSale Date
Benton County, ORMarch 2, 2019
Hood River County, ORMarch 22, 2016April 5-6, 2019
Marion County, ORMarch 9, 2019
East Multnomah County, ORJanuary 30, 2019February 16, 2019
Yamhill County, ORMarch 1-2, 2019
Clackamas County, ORNo plant sale in 2019
Clatsop County, ORNo dates yet
Columbia County, ORNo dates yet
Coos County, ORNo dates yet
Curry County, ORNo dates yet
Douglas County, ORNo dates yet
Lane County, ORNo dates yet
Linn County, ORNo dates yet
Polk County, ORNo dates yet
Washington County, ORNo dates yet


Sale LocationHostPreorder DeadlineSale DateWebsite
Chelan CountyCascadia Conservation DistrictNo plant sale in 2020Visit site
Clallam CountyClallam Conservation DistrictJanuary 27, 2020February 29, 2020Visit site
Island CountyWhidbey Island Conservation DistrictJanuary 31, 2020February 29, 2020Visit site
King CountyKing Conservation DistrictNo preorder deadline.March 14, 2020Visit site
King CountyWashington Native Plant Society Central Puget SoundNo preorder deadline.April 25, 2020Visit site
King CountyGo Natives! NurseryNo preorder deadline.OngoingVisit site
Kistap CountyKitstap Conservation DistrictJanuary 31, 2020March 13-14, 2020Visit site
Lewis CountyWSU Lewis County Master GardenersNo pre-order deadline. May 16-17, 2020Visit site
Lincoln CountyLincoln Conservation DistrictNo pre-order deadline. April 2-3, 2020Visit site
Mason CountyMason County Conservation DistrictFebruary 1, 2020February 21-22, 2020Visit site
Pierce CountyPierce Conservation DistrictJanuary 15, 2020February 28-29, 2020Visit site
San Juan CountyWSU San Juan County Master GardenersNo pre-order deadline. March 21, 2020Visit site
Skagit CountySkagit Conservation DistrictMarch 20, 2020April 3-4, 2020Visit site
Snohomish CountySnohomish Conservation DistrictFebruary 21, 2020March 21, 2020Visit site
Whatcom CountyWhatcom County Conservation DistrictMarch 16, 2020March 28, 2020Visit site
Whatcom CountyWashington Farm Forestry Association, Whatcom ChapterNo pre-orders.March 14, 2020Visit site
Clark CountyClark County Conservation DistrictFebruary 11, 2020February 22, 2020Visit site
Jefferson CountyJefferson County Conservation DistrictJanuary 30, 2020February 29, 2020Visit site
Thurston CountyThurston County Conservation DistrictNo pre-order deadline.February 29, 2020Visit site


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