Day: January 21, 2016

Winter: Forestry through the Seasons

Winter is a wonderful time to be out in your woods! Without leaves, you’ll have visibility to notice summer’s successes as well as potential issues for the coming dry season. By walking your woods and planning for spring, winter can be restorative and productive for you and your forest. Walk your Woods Straighten up tree cages Check for how planted seedlings are doing – learn more  Monitor stream health First steps for your stream Check bank stability Look for erosion, vegetation along bank Check water clarity Continuing steps Take the water temperature Start measuring stream flow Get to know your bugs

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2016 Native Plant Sales

It’s time to think about spring planting! Which native plants will restore forest health, provide wildlife value, and add vibrant beauty to your woodland? Find a native plant sale near you for a diverse array of seedlings – and make sure you preorder to get all the plants you want! [table id=2 /]

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