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By the Numbers: 2016 Accomplishments

2016 was an incredible year for Northwest Certified Forestry members and the forests they steward. Because of the dedicated community of ecologically-minded woodland owners, Pacific Northwest forests are healthier, more resilient homes for wildlife and people alike. Here are some highlights of our year: Accomplishments: We hosted 11 workshops on ecologically-based forest management, precision tree-felling, forest monitoring, and programs for natural resource professionals and engaged 267 participants. We conducted more than 92 site visits to forest landowners – including NCF members and beginning woodland owners. We completed 6 ecologically-based thinning projects across 65 acres We oversaw 4 forest restoration projects involving inter-planting, pre-commercial

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Build Local Alliance’s Summer Tour – June 27

The Build Local Alliance (BLA) is a network of foresters, land stewards, millwrights, craftsmen, contractors, and architects interested in creating with wood from well-managed forests in Oregon and SW Washington. Each season BLA hosts a talk or field trip to connect our community of practitioners. We share ideas, showcase projects, and often enjoy well-crafted beer! NNRG is a supporting member of BLA. This summer, on June 27, we’ll be touring NestWood Forest in Corbett, OR and visiting some building projects in Portland that incorporated local wood. As always, there will be time to do some good networking. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot. Lunch

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Wetset Enterprises

Wetset Enterprises, Mossyrock, WA By Kirk Hanson Thomas Wolfe once famously stated that “you can’t go home again”.  NCF member Micheal Hurley begs to differ as he gradually exchanges a 30-year career that took him all over the world for the woods of his childhood.  Nestled into the headwaters of Salmon Creek in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains southwest of Mossyrock, Hurley has pieced together over 120 acres of exceptionally diverse forestland from which he is now creating as much of a living as he is a lifestyle. Hurley is a native to southwest Washington.  “I was raised cutting

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