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Crystal Lake Tree Farm – a community and a classroom

On June 23, I was fortunate enough to attend a forest health workshop at the location. It was a lovely night to be outside as we tromped up and down the road of Crystal Lake Tree Farm. Settled on 400 acres in suburban Woodinville, WA, its location is merely one special aspect of the tree farm. The tree farm is a sustainably-managed community forest that surrounds Crystal Lake, where 66 families live and own a lot of their own land. I soon met Ron Munro, the man behind this unique place. Unassuming and vastly knowledgeable, he reminds me of my

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The Good Wood Tour – July 30

Interested in building sustainably? Want to know the difference between FSC-certified and conventional forest products? Then come to the Good Wood Tour! On July 30th, NNRG and others will be co-hosting the first of a two-part event that will increase participants’ understanding of sustainable forestry and FSC products as an important component of green building. The event will include day tours to an FSC-certified forest as well as industrial, institutional, and residential buildings that utilized a large percentage of FSC-certified wood in their construction. Strategies to increase demand for sustainable forestry products and promote them as a green building solution will also

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Partnership in the Skagit Watershed

The iconic Skagit Watershed is important to all of us for its production of timber, food, and fisheries. It is also significant in that it is the only river system in the Puget Sound region to support all five species of Pacific salmon. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Northwest Natural Resource Group (NNRG) are collaborating to help woodland owners assess forest health and evaluate stream habitat and forest roads. Through this partnership we are reaching out to landowners in the Skagit Watershed to provide one-on-one site visits, workshops, and technical assistance. This project is supported by our partners: Skagit Conservation District,

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Workshop: Managing for Timber & Wildlife – June 6

[vc_row type=”in_container” bg_position=”left top” bg_repeat=”no-repeat” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left”][vc_column][vc_column_text] Many forest owners in the Pacific Northwest are interested in maintaining forests that provide a broad range of economic and ecological values. With careful stewardship, forests can be perpetually managed on a regenerative cycle that allows for multiple entries and a sustained yield of a broad range of high-value forest products. The timing and design of thinning practices can result in a wide variety of forest conditions depending on the landowners’ objectives – including those that benefit wildlife habitat, forest health, and long-term income generation. Join us and learn how you can

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Workshop: Become an NRCS Technical Service Provider – March 24 & 25

Becoming a TSP can leverage resources for you to help existing clients and expand your network for conservation projects. This 2-day workshop will provide an overview of EQIP and assist participants through the TSP application process. If you’ve heard of EQIP and the TSP program offered by NRCS, but aren’t sure what they entail this workshop may be of interest. Northwest Natural Resource Group is hosting a workshop to assist natural resource professionals in becoming Technical Service Providers (TSP) for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). TSPs have technical expertise in conservation planning and design for a variety of activities

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Good Roads & Forest Health

Workshop: Good Roads & Forest Health – February 28

Perhaps the most important ecological service of our forests is providing clean water. Forest roads can significantly affect our forests by altering their natural hydrology and the functions of streams. Roads are also essential for managing our forests; they are our haul routes for timber, our recreational trails, our driveways. Join us for a workshop on Saturday, February 28 and learn how you can manage your forest for what matters to you. This class will introduce participants to the principles of forest hydrology, as well as forest road planning and maintenance. Topics will include: forest hydrology 101, forest road planning

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