Resources for San Juan County Forest Owners

Northwest Natural Resource Group and our partners have hosted ecological forestry workshops in the San Juan Islands since 2012. These resources are specifically for San Juan County forest owners who are interested in learning techniques to reduce fire risk, increase forest value, manage timber sales, market forest products, and improve the ecological and economic health of island forests. 

Woody Biomass & Biochar


How-to Tools & Methods

  • Video: Biochar Production – This is a recording of a lecture led by Kai Hoffman-Krull at an NNRG workshop. Kai discusses the basics of biochar’s properties, and demonstrates how to set up a conservation burn pile. 
  • Woody Biomass Production Methods  An overview of different ways forest landowners can use and manufacture woody biomass in their woodlands.
  • How to Measure Woody Biomass in Your Forest – This guidebook provides landowners with a practical inventory system for estimating the volume of timber and woody biomass in their forest. By using these guidelines, landowners can more easily collect information to inform their forest management decisions. 
  • Woody Biomass Calculator – This calculator tool allows forest owners to convert basic tree measurements and forest data into estimates of timber and biomass volumes. 

Forest Health, Fuels Reduction, & Woody Biomass Solutions

Using & Selling Woody Biomass


Fuel & Energy

Managing a Timber Sale

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Previous Workshops

Through these workshops participants learned ways they could decrease fire risk, improve forest health, increase habitat value, and generate income through emerging methods like biochar and biomass energy.

  • Timber Harvesting on Waldron: What You Need To Know
  • Shaw Island Forests: Management Options for Health & Fire Resilience
  • How to Manufacture Biochar from Woody Biomass
  • Measuring Timber and Woody Biomass in San Juan Forests
  • Forest Tour: Thinning Overstocked Stands for Health and Productivity
  • Utilizing Woody Biomass to Reduce Fire Risk
  • Biochar 101: Making Biochar from Woody Biomass
  • Energy Opportunities for Woody Biomass
  • Hands-On Forestry for San Juans Woodlands
  • Emerging Biofuel Options for San Juan Forests
  • Small-scale logging & yarding for the DIY woodland owner
  • How to Manage a Timber Sale

For more details about NNRG’s work in the San Juans visit 

Header photo: Matt Freeman-Gleason

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